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HAMB Membership Renewal Season

In the spirit of the Holiday season, HAMB is offering a discounted membership fee.  The Early Bird Special runs  til December 24, 2011.  The prices will be $395 (Principals) and $150 (All other members).  The price will increase on December 25 through 31st, 2011 to $475 (Principals) and $205 (All other members).  The regular prices go into effect on January 1, 2012, which are $500 (Principals) and $230 (All other members).

To renew online, go to CHECK THE MEMBER DIRECTORY (Find a Mortgage Professional) FOR YOUR NAME. Then, Log in with your username, and password. If you forgot your username, please email

If you have changed your email address, or don’t see your name listed, please click on BECOME  A MEMBER and enter your current information, and pay online.

If you are listed and need to renew:

 Your user name is either (a) Your first name and last initial, (b) Your first name only, (c) Your firstandlast name all together with no spaces, (d) Or if you applied online after the launch of the website, it will be whatever name you initially assigned yourself. If you forgot your password, click on “Lost my Password,” and a new one will be emailed to you at the email address that is listed . Once you’ve logged in, the page will Refresh, and you will see, on the right hand side -   WELCOME MEMBER followed by your name.”  Directly under that,  click on MEMBERSHIP DETAILS. You should now be on the Member Information/Subscription Page. Scroll down and look for a hyperlink that says  UPGRADE, click on that and you will be offered two options.  Choose the one that applies and follow the directions to pay with your credit card. If you prefer “Old School” and would like to print out a form, complete it, and send it in with your payment.  Click for form

CFPB requires your input

HAMB is passing this message from CFPB on to our Members:

A Message from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Since May, we’ve been asking you to help us improve mortgage disclosure. By comparing different draft forms, you’ve helped us understand how to communicate information more effectively.

Now we need you to do something just a little different.

This time we’ve posted just one version of a disclosure, but with two different loan products. We’d like you to look at them and decide which one you would choose.

Make your choice today:

We’re shifting gears for a simple reason: Comparing two versions of a form is useful, but in the real world, consumers should be able, to use disclosures to compare different loan offers, not different loan forms. An effective disclosure form should help people make the best decisions for themsleves and their families.

We want to see how well this version of the form lets people do that. Can consumers use the form to choose the right loan for themselves and their families? Can lenders or advisors make a clear recommendation about the best loan?

Tell us which you prefer. Help us make mortgage disclosure forms easier to understand and use.

Thank you for your help,

The Consumer Financial Protection Burea