CHM Designations

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Your Hawaii Association of Mortgage Brokers values your knowledge and dedication to the mortgage industry! Show your customers that you have gone the extra mile to provide them with the latest information by earning the Certified HAMB Member Designation. Click on the image to learn more about the certification written behind your name.



Frequently asked questions:

  • Q. When can an individual use the designation?
  • A.  The requirements for this designation must be “Refreshed” every year for the current year. Once you have submitted your requirements, and it has been approved, you will receive an email with your designation certification, official logo, etc.
  • Q.  Where can this designation be used?
  • A.  It follows the same parameters as the HAMB Logo – Must be a member in good standing, Individual member’s designation (not a corporate blanket all employees designation)
  • Q.  What if I attended a conference (or seminar)  last year, or in previous years, Can I submit that?
  • A.  The requirements must be done for this current year, and “refreshed” every year for the next current years.
  • Q.  What if I am on a neighbor island and it is difficult to attend the conference or seminars?
  • A.  Webinars / Goto Meetings, etc. can count as seminars
  • Q.  What do I use to prove I am a HAMB member?
  • A.  We have a list of current members. If we can not verify your membership, we will contact you.
  • Q.  How do I prove that I attended a seminar?
  • A.  We have an online registration system that keeps a record. If you checked in, we have a record. If we can not verify your attendance we will contact you.
  • Q.  How do I prove that I attended the conference?
  • A.  We should have your name on the registration showing that you checked in.
  • Q.  How do I prove that I am a HAMB Coop member?
  • A.  When you purchase your Coop page, HAMB is notified, and we keep a record of it.
  • Q.  If I am an affiliate, how do I prove that we sponsored an event?
  • A.  We have a record of who sponsored events.
  • Q.  What do I submit as proof that I am registered with DFI /CFPB/ NMLS?
  • A.  Provide that number on the Application sheet, and we will verify it with NMLS

A Current List of members with this designation is available under the menu tab, CHM designated members