Board of Directors

  • Judy Meredith

    President / Legislative Chair
    Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Judy Meredith is the Area Manager for PRMG, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group,...
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  • Darci Lee Harris

    Vice President / Conference Chair
    Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Darci Lee Harris is a local girl, born and raised on the island of Oahu.
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  • David Bird

    Born in Honolulu HI, David has been in the financial service industry since the early 1990s.
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  • Daryn Ogino

    Treasurer / Technology Chair
    Born in Honolulu, HI, Daryn started his journey into the mortgage industry in 2004. He is the founder...
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  • David Ige

    Immediate Past President / Community Services Chair
    Born in Honolulu, HI, Dave has been in loan originations since 1993. He started his own brokerage in...
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  • Darron Carson

    Membership Co-Chair
    Born in Riverside, California, Darron R. Carson has over 33 years of professional Mortgage Banking experience...
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  • Paige Su

    Social Media Marketing Chair
    Born and raised on O'ahu, Paige Su is a second-generation reverse mortgage specialist.
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  • Brian Ware

    Membership Co-Chair
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  • Jaimee Manago

    Ethics & Grievances Chair
    Born in Kealakekua, Hawaii, Jaimee Manago on the Big Island with over 30 years in the mortgage lending...
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  • Christine Parke

    Golf Co-Chair
    Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Christine Parke entered the real estate industry in 2019 as a Sales Executive...
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  • Angel Berger

    Education Chair
    Born in South Korea, Angel Berger is a National Account Executive for Deephaven Mortgage Wholesale.
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