Committees are a great way to help HAMB meet its mission to its members and to its community. Committees are headed up by one or more of the Board members with experience in that area.

It is a great way to learn from those who have served in these leadership positions, and we encourage you to reach out and make your voice heard by working on one of our committees.

Should you have any questions about serving on one of these committees, please refer to the Board of Directors to know who the committee chair is to have your questions answered.


Probably one of the most important committees as it deals with possible regulations and statutes that can greatly affect our business and lending. This committee needs Board approval to serve on as it works with government representatives and lawmakers.


The membership committee is to increase membership through different means, socials, visits, and invites.  They work with Broker shops, loan officers, sponsors, and other 3rd parties. This is generally the largest committee and can always use more manpower.


The events committee covers a gamut of our social events that involve members, sponsors, and guest speakers which takes a lot of coordination. Most members of this committee could help in different areas like publicity, flyers, set up, food, etc.

This committee will allow you to meet the individuals who are major workers to get a successful event done. They are amazing.


This committee sets up the webinars monthly. Those who work on this committee would work with the VP to coordinate the duties to prepare monthly webinars.


The conferences committee handles 2 of our largest annual events. They coordinate our annual HAMB Conference and our Christmas Social. Those who would like to work on this committee will need to contact the Board member in charge of each event.

Community Service

The service committee is responsible for selecting 2 service projects annually for our members to participate in.  They are to get the word out so that we have a good turnout, participation, and representation.


The Golf committee is responsible for setting up the golf tee times on a monthly basis and the annual tournament.  You don’t have to be a golfer BUT it does help.

This committee is a great way to meet new members and businesses.


This committee monitors fair lending practices through public publications via printed or the Internet.


This committee works on our website presence and Social Media.