There are different levels of membership. Please view all our pricing and other details on our Become a Member page.

Membership starts immediately, upon registration confirmation.

Individually, based on the signup date.

Yes, there is a discounted rate for 2 years of membership purchased upfront.  The annual fee is $300 and the 2-year plan is $540.

We will send you a reminder so that you can take advantage of the discount or better yet would be to place yourself on auto renewal and know you will get the discount.


Some events are free, and others are a pay per event. HAMB members do get a discount on events open to the public. Please view our Event Calendar for information on all upcoming events.

HAMB members will receive an email to remind them of upcoming events so that they won’t miss them. The President’s monthly letter will also include what events are happening that month. You can also view our Event Calendar and save any or all events to your own calendar.


You will need to register for the webinar and on the day of the webinar, you will receive a link to join in.


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